A Privilege

Today I was reminded of the privilege of being a lawyer.

I visited a client, 30. He needed to sort his power of attorney and enduring guardian as his health plummets day by day towards the end, as the result of the debilitating Huntington’s disease.

He fights for life – a minute, an hour, a week more, his fight is incredible. His pain was immense, but his smile and determination inspiring. I just don’t know how he could live like this and value every minute as he does. His mum’s smile and adoring affection for her son, the glimpse of the sun, the green of the trees outside the bedroom window. Nothing more.

His mother, her pain was tangible as was her strength, dedication and devotion to his every need.

For me to be invited into their home and to be trusted to advise was humbling. I will never lose sight of my role to honour humanity, life, compassion and trust.


11 May 2017

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