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Back-paid After 260 Weeks

Worker claims back-paid benefits after 260 weeks

Can a worker claim back-paid weekly benefits after their benefits cease at the 260 week limit under s 39(1) of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (“the Act”) if their whole person impairment (“WPI”) is later found to be 20% or …

Worker Killed While Working From Home

Worker killed while working from home

On 16 June 2010 between 7:30am and 4pm, the worker, Michel Carroll was attacked and killed by her de facto partner, Steven Hill who was subsequently found not guilty of murder by reason of mental illness. Michel and Steven were …

Minor Injury Determinations

‘Minor injury’ under Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017

Under the MAIA, if an injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident is determined to be a ‘minor injury’ there are serious limitations on the recovery of compensation for statutory benefits and common law damages.

What is a

Instrumental Delivery Can Also Be Termed Assisted Delivery

Instrumental delivery in childbirth

Childbirth can be a wonderful experience for many women, but unfortunately this is not the case for all. Even in the best of cases, intervention may be required during labour, meaning action is taken by a midwife or doctor to …