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Iro Lawyer At Work

Role of an Independent Review Office Lawyer

What is an IRO Lawyer?

An IRO lawyer is an Australian legal practitioner who has been approved by the Independent Review Office (“IRO”) to provide legal advice to injured workers in New South Wales.

What you need to know?

After …

Case Study: Ironmonger v Gunnedah Shire Council

Trigger warning: This blog contains mention of attempted suicide and death. Reader discretion is advised.

The case of Ironmonger v Gunnedah Shire Council [2021] NSWPIC 48 is a recent decision of the Personal Injury Commission (‘Commission’). The decision discusses intervening …

Lifelong expenses by CTP insurer

Robert was in his late 70’s when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2019 suffering severe injuries including a fracture of his pelvis, a fracture of his sacrum involving his nerves, a lumbar vertebral fracture, cervical spine fractures, …

Wickham Asbestos Incident

Report asbestos to the Environmental Protection Authority 131555

On Tuesday 1 March 2022, as the old Wickham Wool Store went up in flames leaving asbestos debris falling from the plumes of smoke. The authorities were silent as to the risk …

Jumping Castle Tragedy

Trigger warning: This item contains explicit references to subject matter and material that may be traumatising or upsetting. Reader discretion is advised.

Our hearts reach out to the families involved, the school and the entire community of Devonport after the …

Complaints About NSW CTP Insurers

Complaints about NSW CTP insurers

Complaints about NSW CTP insurers following a motor vehicle accident can now be made to the Independent Review Office.

Generally you should raise a CTP motor vehicle accident complaint with the insurer first, but if they fail to respond or …