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Am I entitled to a share of my ex-partner’s Superannuation?

Author: Kath Fielden

Under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) superannuation is treated as property that is available for division following separation.

However, superannuation is different to other marital property because it is property held in a Trust until fund …

How is a Superannuation Split implemented?

Once the Court has ordered a super split or the parties agree to implement a super split, superannuation benefits from one party will be rolled over into the nominated complying super fund of the other party.

If a 50:50 superannuation …

Hrdavec v State of New South Wales [2022] NSWCA 52

Author:  Tom Hunter-Leahy

*Trigger warning: This case note contains some references to subject matter and material that may be traumatising or upsetting for survivors of sexual assault and rape, as well as their families. Reader discretion is advised.

If reading …

Health and hospital systems stretched to breaking point

Author: Cathy Pares

Many of these rural towns have vulnerable children, such as young Xander from Walgett who suffered what could have been a fatal infection of fluid on the brain. Without the benefit of regular doctors and continuity of …

Alrifai v Australian Capital Territory [2022] ACTSC 48

Author:  Allie Anderson

This article analyses the nature and meaning of causation in medical negligence matters. It looks at a recent case in which a hospital admitted it breached its duty of care but denied that this negligence caused the …

Rural and Regional Healthcare in Crisis

Author:  Allie Anderson & Cathy Pares

The results of the NSW regional health inquiry released has confirmed the cracks in a health system at breaking point.  Politicians are agreed on the extent of the problem driven by chronic underfunding, longstanding …

Contributory Negligence – CTP Damages

The recent decision of Inthaphala v Insurance Australia Limited t/as NRMA Insurance [2021] NSWPIC 541 decided by the Personal Injury Commission (“Commission”) highlights the issue of contributory negligence in CTP personal injury damages claims. Mr Inthaphala was a front seat …