Criminal Law

If you are faced with criminal charges, you should have the very best advice and representation at court, either to fight for and defend your innocence or to minimise the effects on your life and liberty moving forward after a guilty plea.

Whether you need:

IMAGE 10 - Newcastle-courthouse-3Bail


Apprehended violence orders

Speeding and traffic offences


FraudIMAGE 11 - Newcastle-courthouse-5

Sexual assault

Larceny/break and enter

Malicious damage

Summary offences


Mental health orders

or indeed, any other matters that might see you in court.

It takes a lawyer with years of experience representing people before theĀ courts to properly and effectively navigate the complex criminal justice system.

Our advocates at The Law Office of Conrad Curry are mature and experienced lawyers who have up to date and relevant knowledge in all areas associated with criminal and traffic law.

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