Staff stories: Jasmine Foster

A few years ago I finished my HSC exams, and along with many other people my age, I had no clue as to what profession/career I wanted to enter into. After receiving a great deal of advice from my teachers regarding university courses and attending a number of University information days, I decided to apply for three different university courses.

A few weeks later I received my HSC marks and was happy to see that I had achieved a high enough ATAR to be accepted into all three of the courses that I applied for. For weeks I tried to decide which course I wanted to accept, however, when the cut-off date came I ended up deferring University for a year, as I realised I wasn’t 100% committed to any of the courses or even to studying at University in general.

I have two older sisters who both did not go to University, but instead, after finishing their HSC’s, decided to attend Passmores Business College, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. They have both since had very successful jobs in various industries of business, including marketing and hotel management.

As I still did not know what career path/profession I wanted to enter into, I decided to meet with the principal of Passmores Business College to discuss their courses and the possibility of me studying there. After a successful interview, I accepted an offer to study a Diploma of Business and a Diploma of Legal Administration. Beginning in February, I began a one-year course along with a number of other students, all specialising in different areas, such as hospitality, real estate and marketing, attending college three days a week.

Throughout the year we learnt many aspects of the legal administration field, including property and conveyancing, motor vehicle accidents and family law. Our trainer was an experienced conveyancer, who had worked her way up to this position through varying legal assistant roles. Never before had I even thought about obtaining a job in the legal industry, but I began to find myself enjoying my legal administration classes and assignments the most out of all of my classes at the college.

Luckily the business college that I attended has become quite well-known among many businesses in the Newcastle region, particularly in the legal industry, and before our course was even over many legal firms were contacting the college advertising available positions, one of these being The Law Office of Conrad Curry. I was one of those who applied, and was lucky enough to obtain a position as receptionist at this firm, and I have since then worked up to the position of legal assistant.

I now believe that business college and legal administration was the right step to take, as I am really enjoying my job here at The Law Office of Conrad Curry. It was very daunting starting in the legal field, as it was something that I had had no experience in before, but thanks to the invaluable skills I learnt at business college and the extremely friendly and accommodating staff here at The Law Office of Conrad Curry, I am thoroughly enjoying working in the legal industry and am constantly learning new skills and gaining confidence every day.


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  1. Just read this Jas – loved it. You have amazing skills and are so good at your job. Keep it up and that confidence will continue to grow.


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