Case studies - medical negligence

Case Studies

The Law Office of Conrad Curry is all about helping people affected by personal injury and medical negligence to get the outcome they deserve.

Here are some personal stories of medical negligence and personal injury.

Medical negligence and heart attack


Medical negligence and heart attack

Myocardial infarction and medical negligence: Jane’s story

Acute Coronary Syndrome and medical negligence: Bill’s story

Coronary artery disease and medical negligence: Louise’s story

Medical negligence and pregnancy complications

Pre-eclampsia and medical negligence: Corinna’s story

Medical negligence and ectopic pregnancy


Medical negligence and ectopic pregnancy

Methotrexate and medical negligence: Julie’s story

Ectopic pregnancy and medical negligence: Mary’s story


Medical negligence – reproductive negligence

Medical negligence and reproductive negligence

Deprivation of pregnancy and reproductive negligence: Stacey & Michael’s story

Tubal ligation and reproductive negligence: Erin’s story

Vasectomy and reproductive negligence: Tony’s story

Workers compensation

Industrial Deafness: Patricia’s story

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