Medical negligence and medical malpractice cases

At The Law Office of Conrad Curry, we have acted for a large number of clients who have suffered injury as a result of medical negligence.

Our experience includes the management and resolution of a broad range of medical negligence disputes including:

  • wrongful birth – failure to properly carry out genetic testing for fragile X – child born with fragile X, global development delay
  • genetic false negatives in IVF and pre-natal testing resulting in wrongful birth
  • the administration of gentamicin resulting in nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity
  • birth hypoxia resulting in cerebral palsy
  • overdose of narcotic pain medications both fentanyl and morphine resulting in the first case in respiratory arrest and the second in death
  • failed diagnosis in respect of bowel and stomach cancer
  • failure to diagnosis le fraumeni (genetic pre-disposition to cancer)
  • failure to properly treat patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome resulting in myocardial infarction causing reduced functional capacity or death
  • failure to diagnose stroke and treat by way of thrombolysis
  • surgical mishap resulting in damage to arteries, stroke and death
  • brain surgery resulting in haemorrhage and stroke
  • failure to diagnose brain aneurysm resulting in haemorrhage and stroke
  • mismanagement of infection post ankle arthrodesis resulting in osteomyelitis and the amputation of left lower limb below the knee
  • failure to properly treat ectopic pregnancy resulting in rupture of the fallopian tube and affected the mother’s fertility
  • neonatal death as the result of failure to diagnose and properly treat incompetent cervix
  • septic shock as the result of negligent dental treatment
  • anaesthetic awareness in surgical procedures
  • failure to diagnose and properly treat fibroids resulting in full-abdominal hysterectomy in young single female
  • failure to properly treat pneumonia in a young child resulting in brain hypoxia and developmental delay
  • nerve injury subsequent to unnecessary nerve block
  • failure to properly reduce fracture resulting in nerve damage
  • incorrect transfer of patient post-hip replacement surgery
  • failure to diagnose anastomotic leak after bowel resection
  • death as the result of failure to monitor oxygen levels
  • damage to urethra during catheterisation after kidney stone procedure


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