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Medical Negligence

The Law Office of Conrad Curry can provide expert advice in assessing the strength of a medical negligence or malpractice claim and the likelihood of success.

Medical negligence or malpractice

Our health and well-being are paramount to all of us and we want to be sure that we are in the best of hands.

Whilst there is little doubt that the larger majority of health care professionals aim to provide the very best of care to their patients, sometimes the care we receive is less than adequate. On occasion, unsatisfactory treatment may lead to injury and/or death, which could/should otherwise have been avoided. If this occurs to you, you may have redress through the legal system for compensation.

When a person is treated by a medical or allied health care professional (such as a hospital, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, etc.), they are generally owed what is known as a ‘duty of care’ requiring that the treatment is rendered with reasonable skill and care. In circumstances where the treatment falls below the accepted standard of care, the duty of care is said to have been breached. Where that breach can be shown to have caused or materially contributed to an adverse outcome such as injury or death, then monetary compensation may be available to the victim, and in certain cases where death has been caused, to the dependants of the deceased person.

We have access to the best experts in each specialty to provide expert opinion on the breach, causation and assessment of the size of your claim.

Medical negligence (medical malpractice) is an extremely complex area of law where the claimant requires an expert representative with a thorough medical knowledge and extensive experience in fighting medical negligence claims.

And remember, once we have analysed the claim and the relevant medical material and we are satisfied that your claim has good prospects of success, we offer a no-win-no-fee option with respect to our legal fees.

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