Methotrexate and medical negligence: Julie’s story

Medical negligence case study: Methotrexate

Julie and her husband were only recently married when she fell pregnant. Unfortunately in the case of her first pregnancy, delayed diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy meant that she lost one of her fallopian tubes.

She fell pregnant again and given her previous ectopic was referred to the early pregnancy unit. She presented with symptoms of abdominal pain consistent with a provisional diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. An ultrasound was conducted but not conclusive of an adnexal mass in the fallopian tube. Given the prior experience medical staff recommended Methotrexate.

Administration of the Methotrexate drug did not resolve the symptoms and doctors recommended further salpingectomy. Given the life-threatening nature of ectopic pregnancy Julie agreed to the further surgery which meant the loss of her remaining tube.

The surgery was uneventful. However, the tube was sent to pathology the results of which showed that there was no ectopic pregnancy. Julie had in fact had a perfectly normal uterine pregnancy and the administration of the drug caused the miscarriage of her baby.

Julie’s case is pending.

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