Myocardial infarction and medical negligence: Jane’s story

Jane had a history of coronary artery disease and a prior Myocardial Infarction ‘MI’ which had involved having a stent (a small mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak arteries) placed in her left anterior descending artery (LAD)​.

Her anti-platelet/anti-clotting medications she was required to take, were stopped 7 days prior to a gynaecological operation so that​ her​ bleeding could be controlled.

After the operation, she complained about pain in the chest to the nurses and staff.

They ignored the obvious​ history, ​ and although she became extremely ill she was not seen by a cardiologist for some 18 hours after the onset of pain.

She was taken to the catheterisation laboratory (cath lab) where it was found that the previous stent had become blocked.

Jane survived although her heart suffered major cell death and she was left with significant physical impairment.

She could not live anything like a normal life and her life expectancy was cut short by decades.

Had Jane’s symptoms been properly investigated when she first complained to medical staff the further debilitating damage to her heart muscle would have been avoided.

Jane came to to the Law Office of Conrad Curry for help and ultimately settled her dispute at mediation with the hospital.

The Law Office of Conrad Curry is passionate in ensuring that those suffering from health conditions receive appropriate treatment.

If you have been a victim or suffered loss as a result of medical negligence, call us today to speak to our friendly team.


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