Reproductive negligence clinics

Reproductive negligence clinics

The sorry tale of reproductive negligence – let down by fertility treatment and genetic testing

Having your own children is almost universally seen as an essential right. The recent introduction of reproductive technologies such as IVF and the increased use of genetic testing has given rise to a whole new set of contractual obligations and duties of care.

Unfortunately, there are numerous circumstances where would-be parents are left with devastating or life changing consequences.

  • Mix up of human gametes resulting in the insemination of an inter-racial foetus
  • Otherwise switched gametes
  • Wrongful loss or destruction of donated sperm in the case of a cancer sufferer who donated before chemotherapy rendered him infertile
  • The destruction of rare fertilised embryos in the case of a mother with limited reserves of ova
  • Failure to screen sperm donors for infectious diseases
  • Disease contamination of human gametes
  • Wrongful abortion

We will be holding free clinics at our office throughout 2019 for those affected by reproductive negligence. Please complete the following form to register your interest.  During the consultation, we will listen to your issues and carry out a full clinical review. We will then advise on the likelihood of making a claim.

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