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About Jane

Jane Bulter’s decision to specialise in health law, after spending many years in general personal injury law, was fuelled by her passion for justice and her desire that all people should have access to a fully functioning, high quality, health service.

Jane uses her expertise to assist clients affected by medical negligence who seek redress by way of compensation for their injuries. She is an effective communicator who empathetically and patiently relates to her clients. She is a strong and assertive advocate who strives to achieve a timely and positive outcome for the benefit of her clients.

Jane has worked in personal injury litigation since 2001. Since specialising in health and medical law she has worked on a wide range of health and medical law matters; from people who have suffered from maternal and infant birth trauma; gynaecological injuries – including pelvic mesh; surgical errors; cosmetic procedures; oncology; nursing negligence and diagnostic errors to cases relating to mental health treatment and diagnosis. Additionally, Jane has extensive CTP and Public Liability experience.

Having worked in-house for a large insurer for many years Jane has an in-depth understanding of how and why insurance companies make their litigation and settlement decisions.  Jane now uses that knowledge to ensure that her clients are best placed to achieve the best possible outcome for their claims.

Jane has recently completed her Masters of Health Law at Sydney University where she attained a distinction average.  Jane is a regular attendee at medico-legal seminars and has been invited to speak at several of these events.

I understand that the decision to obtain legal advice following an adverse medical outcome is a difficult one.  Many clients who have suffered an adverse medical outcome may feel that something went wrong but they are not sure exactly what.  I see my role as assisting clients to work out exactly what went wrong and if appropriate to help them obtain compensation. Achieving acknowledgement and compensation will hopefully allow those injured to achieve closure.

Jane Bulter

Title Senior Associate 

Qualifications BA Hons, Dip Law (LPAB), GDLP, MHL (Masters in Health Law)

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Jane Bulter

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