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About Kim

Beginning in the Community Legal sector, Kim Tomasic has a strong interest in social justice, especially around older person’s and domestic violence law. She enjoys assisting clients in organising their affairs to prevent or reduce the likelihood of grieving loved ones having to deal with unnecessary stress at the same time as coming to terms with their loss.

Kim grew up in a rural area in the Hunter Valley and understands the value of community and the needs of people from diverse backgrounds. Kim has an open and respectful communication style.

Prior to pursuing her passion for law, she worked in the public health system for 24 years, working in surgery and trauma. This background helps her to build compassionate relationships with those going through a difficult time in their lives.

Kim will always act in her clients’ best interests and they will get an honest assessment of their situation and presented with options to resolve their issues effectively.

Kim can assist you in the following practice areas:

  • Wills
  • Estate and family provision disputes
  • Powers of attorney and enduring guardianship
  • Traffic matters
  • Criminal matters
  • Assisting with medical negligence claims

“I see my role as a solicitor as helping clients through the complexity of the legal system in order to reduce stress and assist them in achieving the best outcome possible. I am particularly interested in being a voice for older people who are often not given the respect they deserve.”

Title Litigation Solicitor

Qualifications BSc LLB GDLP

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Kim T

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