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In early June I commenced my part-time role as Paralegal, assisting both Conrad and Amanda with litigious matters. Although this is the first position I have held within the legal industry, I concurrently study law on a full-time basis.

I grew up in the regional city of Launceston, Tasmania. It is relatively small, with a population one-fifth the size of Newcastle. Moving interstate is a somewhat frequent occurrence for young adults in Tasmania, especially those living outside of Hobart. Aside from Launceston’s reputable food and wine, at the time there really wasn’t much else happening in the city. For myself, moving was an opportunistic but natural progression.

In February 2015, I loaded my belongings into my modest but reliable Barina and set sail on the Spirit of Tasmania. Much to my dismay, I soon became aware of my predisposition to seasickness. I have since vowed to never again aboard the ferry! On arrival in Melbourne, I was greeted by my father and we drove the 12 hours to Newcastle. The rest is history – I’ve consider Newcastle to be my home ever since.

Although I had not visited Newcastle prior to relocating, its reputation spoke for itself. I had heard it was previously an industrial city, that in more recent times was flourishing. Over the last three and a half years I have enjoyed watching the city prosper, especially through the NSW government initiative ‘revitalising Newcastle’.

I love residing in Newcastle because there is always something to do, albeit on a Monday night or a Friday night. The city is big enough, but you can still conveniently make it across town in around 20 minutes. Our city has a stunning coastline and we are fortunate to be able to walk from Nobby’s beach right through to Merewether. This is a task I make all of my visitors endure! Additionally, the newly built University facilities on Hunter Street are second to none. Need I say more? The ice-cream at Popolo is pretty great, as are the hot chips at The Kiosk (Newcastle Beach). Don’t get me started on the sunrises and sunsets.

Admittedly, at times I miss the picturesque views of Freycinet National Park on the East Coast of Tasmania. Also, I sometimes wonder why I moved so far away from my mother’s home cooked meals! But ultimately, moving away from Tasmania has allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for the state. I try to make the trip back (by plane, of course) three of four times a year. Last summer I climbed Mount Amos (which is mostly 4kms of granite cliff face) to overlook Wineglass Bay. Now I’ve done it, I cannot believe that it took me 22 years. Put that experience on your bucket list; unreal sights!


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