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Iro Lawyer At Work

Role of an Independent Review Office Lawyer

What is an IRO Lawyer?

An IRO lawyer is an Australian legal practitioner who has been approved by the Independent Review Office (“IRO”) to provide legal advice to injured workers in New South Wales.

What you need to know?

After …

Pseudonym Orders - Anonymity In Legal Proceedings

Anonymity in Legal Proceedings: Pseudonym Orders

Judicial officers (ie magistrates, judges, and justices) have the power to grant what is known as a ‘pseudonym order’ to protect a person’s anonymity. Sometimes, a litigant wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect their identity. The same can …

Mental Harm

Case studies: Mental Harm

The Courts have experienced a large increase in claims by people who allege to have suffered pure mental harm as the result of witnessing a person being killed, injured or put in peril caused by the negligence of another. The …