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Pseudonym Orders - Anonymity In Legal Proceedings

Anonymity in Legal Proceedings: Pseudonym Orders

Judicial officers (ie magistrates, judges, and justices) have the power to grant what is known as a ‘pseudonym order’ to protect a person’s anonymity. Sometimes, a litigant wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect their identity. The same can …

Mental Harm

Case studies: Mental Harm

The Courts have experienced a large increase in claims by people who allege to have suffered pure mental harm as the result of witnessing a person being killed, injured or put in peril caused by the negligence of another. The …

Recorded Conversation Used In Evidence

Recorded conversations – can they be used in evidence?

One of the most common questions I’m asked about, particularly in criminal matters and medical negligence cases where clients have recorded conversations with physicians, is whether recordings taken during private conversations without the consent of the other party can be …

Social Media

Social media – be careful

If you post on Facebook, other social media sites, or via your business website and allow comments, care must be taken to review the comments carefully and where potentially offensive or defamatory of a third party to remove them as …