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Minor Injury Determinations

‘Minor injury’ under Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017

Under the MAIA, if an injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident is determined to be a ‘minor injury’ there are serious limitations on the recovery of compensation for statutory benefits and common law damages.

What is a


Help – I’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident

A motor vehicle accident (“MVA”) is stressful enough, but, if you don’t know what to do, it can make things even more daunting. The following will help you understand what to do if an accident happens and outlines your financial …

Motor Vehicle Accidents

246 lives lost a year through motor vehicle accidents

As of August 2016, there have been 246 lives lost on New South Wales roads and about 30 people per day are hospitalised as the result of serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents. This not at all surprising given that …