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Hibbitt V Ziade – Cat Care For A House

Hibbitt v Ziade – Cat Care for a House

Can I force someone to take care of my pets after I die?

In a recent decision by the New South Wales Supreme Court decision of Hibbett v Ziade [2022] NSWSC 904 the Court interpreted a will that appeared on …

Trustee & Guardian 4 corners investigation

The below is harrowing example of severe financial mismanagement by the Trustee & Guardian against some of the most vulnerable in society. It is vitally important that people’s financial and health needs are cared for by someone they trust, not …

The Rights of the Unborn Foetus – Changes to Zoe’s Law 

Zoe Donegan (an unborn foetus) died in utero on Christmas Day 2009 after her mother’s car was hit by an offending driver. The offender was charged and ultimately convicted but under the applicable Crimes Act provisions in NSW only the …

Assessing Capacity To Make A Will

Assessing Capacity to Make a Will

I have written previously about the solicitor’s duties to an elderly client regarding assessing capacity when taking instructions to make a new Will. When a solicitor is concerned that their client has suspect capacity, they are duty bound to obtain …

Reportable Incident

What is a ‘reportable incident’

What is a ‘reportable incident’ for the purposes of a Root Cause Analysis under The Health Administration Act 1982

It is fundamentally important for the proper delivery of public health services that serious clinical incidents are identified, investigated and processes …