246 lives lost a year

As of August 2016, there have been 246 lives lost on New South Wales roads and about 30 people per day are hospitalised as the result of serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents. This not at all surprising given that there are roughly 1.6 vehicles on average for each home in New South Wales and that we spend on average some 79 minutes per day travelling in one form or another for transport. Even more concerning is that the rate of growth in private vehicles outstrips the rate of growth in population.

246 lives lost on New South Wales roads and about 30 people per day are hospitalised as the result of serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents

Motor accident

Unfortunately, this means that there is a high probability of injury as the result of the motor accident. In New South Wales, there are compensatory benefits available not only for those who are the innocent victims of another motorist’s negligence, but also other victims involved in blameless accidents. Even people who were at fault during an accident may have an entitlement to benefits under the Lifetime Care and Support scheme where their injuries are significant (usually spinal or brain injury).

The system for recovery of compensation is highly regulated and complex with very strict compliance time frames for claims and injury thresholds. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you need to ensure that you obtain urgent advice from an experienced lawyer.

The Law Office of Conrad Curry offers its clients thorough, timely and complete advice throughout the course of their claims. No-win-no-fee options are available (subject to conditions) and an initial no-obligation first appointment.

Official cash rate unchanged

The Reserve Bank of Australia has elected to leave the official cash rate at 1.5% which is good news for the new financial year. 
What does this mean for you? 

Despite the official cash rate remaining unchanged, lenders are continuing to move interest rates. In June 2017, the big 4 banks increased interest rates on interest only loans but lowered interest rates on principal and interest loans. The purpose of this was to push borrowers to switch from interest only loans to principal and interest loans to lower their debts whilst interest rates remain low. 

Interesting times ahead. 

Watch this space for further updates. If you would like further information on how this may affect you, please contact our property lawyer, Alicia Floyer on 49104023.

Reserve bank decision and you

At its June meeting, the Reserve Bank of Australia has elected to keep the official cash rate on hold at an historically low rate of 1.5 percent.

What does this mean for you?

Interest rates will most likely remain low and finance providers will offer competitive deals for those looking to get into the market, invest or refinance.

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Assisted dying

Such a controversial topic.

Legally, a person who is compos mentis and properly advised, can refuse treatment or insist on not being resuscitated if that is what stands between them and death.

Aged hand holding young hand

However, it is not lawful to attempt to end your own life or for a person to assist a person to end their life, no matter the seriousness of their condition, the pain they are suffering or the imminence of their death.

Assistance might be providing the means to a lethal injection, providing a tablet or terminating life support already agreed.

If a person is terminally ill and in pain is it not humane to allow self determination in sustaining or ending life?

Governments need to rethink outdated Christian tenets of morality.

Conrad, May 2017

No limitations on abuse

Sexual abuse

Recently the NSW government made amendments to the Limitations Act and introduced section 6A.

This section removed entirely a limitation period for claims arising from child abuse (including sexual abuse) and opens up the rights to victims to pursue institutions for damages in negligence, including religious organisations for breach of their duty of care.

Sexual abuse was rife. You have rights.

happy couple moving together in a new house taking selfie videoConrad

4 April 2017

A Privilege

Today I was reminded of the privilege of being a lawyer.

I visited a client, 30. He needed to sort his power of attorney and enduring guardian as his health plummets day by day towards the end, as the result of the debilitating Huntington’s disease.

He fights for life – a minute, an hour, a week more, his fight is incredible. His pain was immense, but his smile and determination inspiring. I just don’t know how he could live like this and value every minute as he does. His mums smile and adoring affection for her son, the glimpse of the sun, the green of the trees outside the bedroom window. Nothing more.

His mother, her pain was tangible as was her strength, dedication and devotion to his every need.

For me to be invited into their home and to be trusted to advise was humbling. I will never lose sight of my role to honour humanity, life, compassion and trust.


11 May 2017

Budget time

The Federal Budget has just been announced and here is how it may affect our clients!

happy couple moving together in a new house taking selfie video

Two housing affordability measures have been introduced which involve superannuation, the first home super saver scheme and contributing the proceeds of downsizing a family home into superannuation.

The first home super saver scheme is where first home buyers can make voluntary super contributions and later withdraw it to use as a deposit for the purchase their first home. Withdrawals will be allowed from 1 July 2018 onwards and you will get the benefit of a concessional tax rate.

Contributing the proceeds of downsizing a family home into superannuation is an option for those aged 65 and over whereby they will be able to pay more into super when they have downsized from the family home.

These schemes will be effective from 1 July 2017.

If you would like more information on how this may affect/benefit you, call our friendly property lawyer, Alicia Floyer!


11 May 2017