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Traumatic Birth Injuries

Legal Options Following Traumatic Birth

Traumatic births frequently lead women to consider whether there are any legal avenues for redress, particularly where the mother and/ or the baby are left with challenging injuries.  Mothers are motivated by a number of factors, some of these are:…

Failure To Report Diagnostic Tests And Pathology Reporting

Failure to report all the findings of diagnostic tests

A frequent medical negligence issue we see relates to poor communication in radiology and pathology reporting where a failure to report all the findings of diagnostic tests results results in severe outcomes for the patient.

Radiology scans which include: X-Ray, …

COVID-19 And Aged Care Facilities

COVID-19 and aged care facilities

We know that COVID-19 tends to be a far more severe and life-threatening disease for elderly people.  Residents of aged care facilities are particularly vulnerable because of their age and because they live in close proximity to the other residents. …

Medico-legal Experts

Conduct of Medico-Legal Experts

Many plaintiffs have made anecdotal comments to their lawyers about the attitude and manner of the medico-legal doctor who has examined them.  Two recently reported cases regarding expert witnesses, however, detail conduct that goes beyond the normally complained about behaviour.…

Consent And Unnecessary Procedures

Consent and unnecessary procedures

An integral part of the doctor and patient relationship is the notion of consent which is wrapped up with the concept of autonomy. Medical procedures typically involve trauma to the body that would invoke criminal sanctions were they not performed …