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Disentitling Conduct - Entitlement To An Estate

Disentitling Conduct

An ‘eligible person’ (as defined in the Succession Act 2006 (NSW)) (‘the Act’) has the right to bring a claim for a family provision order where he or she has been left out of a will or where inadequate provision …

PIAWE Reforms For Overtime Penalty Rates

PIAWE Legislative Reforms

Why did the PIAWE legislative reforms take place?

In the past, anyone injured at work could only claim compensation for their base rate earnings. Overtime and shift penalty rates could not be claimed. This proved to be problematic for some

What do AVO, APVO and ADVO mean?

Here we outline the difference between the different types of apprehended violence orders, namely AVO, APVO and ADVO.

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs)

AVOs are court orders designed to protect individuals from violence, threats and harassment.

In NSW the Crimes (Domestic

Loaning Your Car? Think Carefully Before You Do.

Loaning your car? Who takes the rap for fines?

It is a good idea to think very carefully before loaning your car to another person.  Who takes the rap if there is a speed camera or parking ticket?  There are a range of legal consequences for the owner of …