Genetic testing – how can it go wrong?

Australia claims to be a world leader in genetic testing and in the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities in the pre-implantation phase of IVF and the early pre-natal stage. With such touted expertise, we are entitled to expect accuracy in diagnosis, aren’t we? After all, the decision to proceed with the pregnancy will have profound consequences for parents, families and the affected child concerned if the results of the tests were wrong. In most cases the choice to have genetic testing arises because one of the parents suffers the genetic disorder themselves or is a carrier and does not want to burden a child with the genetic disorder. Unfortunately, genetic testing errors keep occurring despite the rhetoric from genetics laboratories as to their status as world leaders.

Despite butt-covering claims that the results were skewed because of ‘biological’ circumstances beyond laboratory detection, most of the mistakes in diagnosis arise because either the incorrect test was carried out (believe it or not), or the test was not carried out in accordance with accepted and adopted professional standards and protocols sufficient to exclude errant results.

The Law Office of Conrad Curry now has a number of cases where parents who have sought genetic testing, either as part of the IVF process at the embryo stage prior to transfer and implantation or through pre-natal diagnosis, have been let down by genetics laboratories with incorrect negative results. Now they are left with the responsibility of a life-long commitment to the care of profoundly disabled children. The personal, emotional and financial commitment is enormous and literally life changing. Whilst these parents are loving and devoted to their children (this cannot be denied), they are entitled to hold laboratories and genetic services to account, if no more than to provide for the health and allied health services required by their children to live the semblance of a normal life.

The Law Office of Conrad Curry is passionate in ensuring that individuals have a voice when affected by incorrect negative results or inaccuracy in genetic testing.

If you have been affected by negligence in genetic testing, please call us today to speak to our friendly team.


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