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Iro Lawyer At Work

Role of an Independent Review Office Lawyer

What is an IRO Lawyer?

An IRO lawyer is an Australian legal practitioner who has been approved by the Independent Review Office (“IRO”) to provide legal advice to injured workers in New South Wales.

What you need to know?

After …

Rehab Provider Charges $50

Rehab provider charged $50 to send condolence email

When volunteer surf lifesaver Glen Roberts made a claim for a bad shoulder injury that he suffered on the job in 2017, his rehabilitation was undertaken by Rehab Co, an accredited workers compensation company which contracts with the state insurer, …

Delivery And Rideshare Drivers

Workers compensation for delivery and rideshare drivers?

In New South Wales, it is compulsory for all employers (with a few exceptions) to have workers compensation insurance, unfortunately it doesn’t always apply to delivery and rideshare drivers. Independent contractors who work with a business rather than being employed