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Screening Rare Genetic Disorders With Genetic Testing

Screening for rare genetic disorders

It seems to me a wonderful imperative in a modern socially responsible economy such as Australia to give all would-be parents the opportunity of screening for the numerous rare genetic disorders when planning their families.

My fear however is that …

Genetic Testing Gone Wrong

Genetic testing – how can it go wrong?

Australia claims to be a world leader in genetic testing and in the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities in the pre-implantation phase of IVF and the early pre-natal stage. With such touted expertise, we are entitled to expect accuracy in diagnosis, …

Medical Negligence And Reproductive Negligence

Medical negligence and reproductive negligence

Reproductive negligence

More and more people are turning to health care professionals to help plan their families, whether that is to conceive via reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation, to allow prospective parents a greater level of control over …

Medical Negligence And Pre-eclampsia

Fertility and pre-natal genetic testing

Our principal, Conrad Curry represented a couple in a landmark case in the Supreme Court of New South Wales late last year, in which the couple resolved the first stage of their case against a major Australian Genetic Testing Laboratory.