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Manning Base Hospital Taree - Dr Emil Gayed Complaints

The deeply troubling case of Dr Emil Gayed

HCCC prosecution against Dr Emil Gayed

Dr Emil Gayed was a registered medical practitioner and he held a specialty in obstetrics and gynaecology.

From 1990 onward he practised in NSW regional towns and at some hospitals on Sydney’s northern beaches.…

HCCC V Drinkwater; HCCC V Lilly; HCCC V Davies; HCCC V Chan

Case Note: Care in a mental health facility

HCCC v Drinkwater; HCCC v Lilly; HCCC v Davies; HCCC v Chan [2019] NSWCATOD 39


The above case concerned the death of a patient, who took her own life, at the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Mater Mental …

Wrongful Birth Claims - Fragile X

Wrongful birth claims – Fragile X

‘Wrongful Birth Claims’ is an unfortunate catch phrase attached to legal claims by parents for damages where children are born with genetic conditions such as Fragile X syndrome, in circumstances where the parents had specifically obtained testing to exclude genetic …

Professional misconduct: Sarah’s story

When a Doctor takes advantage of a vulnerable patient:  professional misconduct

Sarah immigrated to Australia after meeting and quickly marrying her husband overseas. The newlywed couple moved frequently due to her husband’s work. Sarah found it difficult to make friends …

Patient In Bed

Professional boundaries and the doctor-patient relationship

The recent NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“NCAT”) decision finding Dr Aamer Sultan guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct on 7 April 2017 is a timely reminder of a medical practitioners’ duty to maintain professional boundaries with patients.

Dr Sultan was …

Staff stories: Conrad Curry

I left school when I was 16. Being from a single parent family I was expected to work as soon as I could, so I did a trade at BHP as a fitter and turner. At the end of that …

Hospital Records

Access to my hospital or doctor’s medical records

Accessing Personal Medical Records

In New South Wales the general position is that a health practitioner or organisation is said to own the medical records they create. However, in most cases a person is still able to access their personal …

Screening Rare Genetic Disorders

Screening for rare genetic disorders

It seems to me a wonderful imperative in a modern socially responsible economy such as Australia to give all would-be parents the opportunity of screening for the numerous rare genetic disorders when planning their families.

My fear however is that …

Genetic Testing Gone Wrong

Genetic testing – how can it go wrong?

Australia claims to be a world leader in genetic testing and in the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities in the pre-implantation phase of IVF and the early pre-natal stage. With such touted expertise, we are entitled to expect accuracy in diagnosis, …