When you can’t keep up with the expected workload due to your work injury  

If you have returned to work with your employer after a work injury, you will likely be under a return to work plan created in consultation with you, your GP, your employer and the Insurer.

If during your return to work, you find you cannot keep up with the expected workload due to your work injury you need to:

  1. Advise your employer; and
  2. Attend upon your GP and discuss your concerns. You GP may issue a new WorkCover certificate decreasing your hours or limiting what you are able to do at work. For example, cannot lift over 10kg. Your return to work plan will also need to be updated.
  3. Advise the insurer after you have seen your GP and discussed the above. If the hours you are able to work are decreased due to your work injury, your insurer may need to increase the weekly payments they pay you in addition to your income from your employer.

Your GP and the insurer may suggest the following:

  1. A referral to an approved workplace rehabilitation provider (if not already involved).
  2. A workplace assessment to review your capacity and/or identify additional duties to support upgrades in your capacity.
  3. Providing equipment or workplace modifications. For instance, if you work at a computer and find you cannot sit for extended periods of time to perform your job due to your work injury, you and your employer can request the insurer, usually through your rehabilitation provider, to provide you with a sit/stand desk.

If despite the above assistance, you feel you cannot continue to do the job due to your injuries, you need to discuss this with your GP. In consultation with your GP and the insurer, you may be offered additional training and assistance in finding a new job. If you do find a new job, you may be eligible to apply for new employment assistance payments. For more information, click here.

Remember, if you have more than 20% permanent impairment, you are not required to work a minimum of 15 hours and earn a minimum amount to receive weekly payments from the insurer.


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