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About Conrad

Previously as a partner of two mid-size firms, Conrad Curry has managed litigation teams practicing in many jurisdictions over the past 23 years, but his special passion is representing the victims of professional and medical negligence and having them fairly compensated for their ordeal.

Conrad set up his own practice because he felt he could bring a new method to legal practice with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the conduct of files. At some other firms, cases take far too long from interview to conclusion and clients are charged too high a proportion of the result. Legal proceedings are stressful for people, and Conrad feels it’s important to reduce that stress by reducing the time clients are subjected to it.

When Conrad wins compensation and recognition of these wrongs in court, he is proud of the flow through benefit to the greater community as can be seen in the consequential tightening of regulation and standards. In his view the by-product of litigation is a change to practices in the health care industry and to make people more accountable for their extremely important role in medical and related care.

Conrad relishes advocating in the interest of his clients and is an expert practitioner in the courtroom. He has the respect of his colleagues and judicial officers.

I take my job very seriously. I have a huge responsibility as a lawyer, to represent people’s interest in the best way that I can, get the results they deserve, but also bring practitioners in the medical field, the dental field or whatever it might be, to a position where they can think about the effect that they’ve had on people and maybe think again about how seriously they should approach their jobs and how competent they need to be to do their jobs.

Conrad Curry

Title Principal

Qualifications BA LLB Dip Leg Prac

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Conrad Curry

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